Wallpaper and Print

Wallpaper and Print

Creating the dream house is something that many of us want, and by customizing the interior we can do just that. However, in order to have a spectacular interior design that will astonish everyone entering your home, you need to add wallpaper and prints. Wallpaper and print will help you set a theme for your room, allowing it to stand out and look luxurious.

Maple Reno will provide you with one of a kind, professionally made wallpaper and prints that will suit your home’s every need.

With us, you can achieve that stunning look in your room, as we use implement the latest technologies to get your desired result.

Wallpaper Solutions

Our wallpapers can be chosen based on different criteria such as theme and size, but all of them are made using the highest quality materials that you can find right now on the market. All of our wallpapers are created with the help of traditional techniques so an extra care for quality and visuals is implemented.

Here at Maple Reno we take pride in working only with the best base materials so that you can get an astonishing, fascinating end result in your room, something that you will be proud of owning.

Print Solutions

If you want something a little different than wallpaper we also offer a wonderful exclusive design trends in the form of stretched ceiling prints that will provide photo-realistic backgrounds for your ceiling or wall.

What makes our stretched material prints unique is the fact that they come in a semi-gloss, translucent and matte finish. We combine different materials to provide a durable, great looking print that can be added on your wall or ceiling.

Through this service you will get the unique opportunity to get one of the multiple prints that we offer you or, if needed, we can print your images as well. Our service makes it easy for you to print your own images, no matter the resolution and format that you need.

Through our wallpaper and print services, we will even bring you the opportunity to take full advantage of the translucent material by adding LED lights under them so you will get an even better effect.

Do you want to get an impressive ceiling color or just create a theme around your living room, basement or bedroom? Then our wallpapers and prints are the best solution for your needs, just get in touch with us and see how easy it is to transform your room!

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