Stretched Ceiling

Stretched Ceiling

A stretched ceiling is a unique piece of ceiling design using thin plastic film that is stretched across a ceiling to create a design. The film can be custom made so you can decide the color, finish and thickness of the plastic.

The stretched ceiling is unique to your ceiling and design choiceof your choice. The plastic is durable, remains dust-free and is easy to clean. Another benefit of stretched ceilings is that it can be moved without damaging the ceiling or removing any paint. Stretched ceiling designs can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The design can also be cut in shapes like an oval, square or curved. The stretched ceiling you want can also remain flat.

It is common for stretched ceiling designs to have a printed image on it, or it can be printed with colors of your choice. Back lighting can also be added for the stretched ceiling design to be the art piece in your room at night to give a glow-in-the dark effect.

The choices of stretched ceilings are endless. The experts at Maple Reno will design and order the plastic to meet your needs.

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