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Full Home Renovations and custom home builds.
Get the best skill and experience from our renovation contractors. We are your one-stop design and renovation company.


Create your dream basement. Build a wine cellar, office space, game room or luxury apartment. Complete high-end basement renovations.



The kitchen is "hearth of the home", design your dream kitchen. Create the place for satisfying meal preparation, to enjoy with family and friends.


Build a comfortable modern home bathroom. Create a luxurious, functional bathroom with improved utility. Our bathroom renovations will improve your home.


Cabinets play a dual role: their utility is obvious, but they are also an important accent. Cabinetry renovation company, install them or create a custom set to fit your needs.

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With over 15 years in the industry, we developed operational procedures for Full Home Renovations projects.


At Maple Renovations our staff has the skill set required for a full-scale home renovations projects. 

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Tips for Waterproofing Your Basement

What You Have To Do: The first thing that you should do, prior to the contractor arriving, is to inspect the area around the bottom of your house outside. If you notice that all of the dirt and soil around the base of your house slops inward, TOWARDS your home, instead of AWAY from it…you…


The Top Do’s and Don’ts of Basement Renovations

Making sound decisions for your basement renovation… all about the Do’s and Don’ts Once you have established why you are renovating your basement and what new purpose it will serve, you will then be ready to get down to the business of making it happen. Any major renovations to your home will take planning, as…


How To Choose The Right Basement Contractor in Toronto

When you’re looking for the right basement contractor in Toronto, make sure that the contractor is licensed and insured because it ensures that you’re getting a professional who knows what they are doing. You should also research the number of years they have been in business and look at the companies overall reputation. You can do this by…

Construction Experts in Toronto

If you work in construction and you manage several building projects, it would be a good idea to hire construction experts in Toronto because they have the necessary expertise to help you succeed in this field. If you’re interested in going green during construction projects, the construction experts can offer strategies on how you can…

How To Choose The Right Basement Renovation Company

When you’re renovating a basement, you may not be able to complete the entire project by yourself. In these situations, you will want to work with a basement renovation company that has at least ten years of experience and whose workers are licensed. Don’t go with the first company that suits your taste but instead,…

Basement Finishing Ideas

When it comes to our basements, we usually see this room as drab and we don’t always know what to do with it. Thankfully there are numerous ways to decorate your basement and you can choose from the most outlandish to the most sophisticated design scheme. Many families use the basement as a home theater…

Basement Remodeling Ideas

Your basement doesn’t always get the extra pizzazz it needs and you can remodel it without paying thousands of dollars to do so. The key is knowing what kind of basement renovation you want and deciding on the budget that best suits your design needs. You should look for basement ideas that are unique and…


How to Choose the Right Basement Finishing Company

Do you want a better looking basement finishing company but you don’t have the DIY skills to pull it off?  Why not hire a basement finishing company to give your basement an upgrade ? Remember that you cannot choose just any contractor for the job. You want to research more than one contractor so that…


4 Key Benefits of Renovating Your Basement

A basement is the foundation of the home, and for some reason or another, we seem to neglect this part of the house the most when it comes to renovation and maintenance. Your basement should be a place you can enjoy, not one that you are afraid to enter. Think of an unfinished basement as…

Tips for Optimum Planning of Limited Space in Finished Basements

When you’re planning to tackle basement renovations you need to take the space that you have into account. There are tricks to opening up any space to make it look larger. If you’re working with a smaller-sized basement, you’ll want to open up the room instead of making it look smaller. Here are some tips…

Home Renovations Toronto
Home Renovations Toronto
Home Renovations Toronto