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The Best Basement Wall Ideas for Homeowners

Most people are very enthusiastic about their basement renovations and turning it into something they’d enjoy. They make plans to turn their basement into entertainment rooms, or game rooms, etc. where they might spend considerable amount of time. Naturally, they want their basements to look great and be warm and welcoming. Unfortunately, with limited natural light, basements can look a little dark and depressing. At Maple Reno, we think that painting the walls the right color or adding interest will remedy that to a large extent.


Brighten With Paint 

As we mentioned before, basements can become pretty dark in most cases and unless you have a ton of natural light, you need something on the walls to brighten up the room. People often choose white, assuming that the light color would add brightness. Unfortunately, that’s a common misconception. White will only brighten a room in the presence of sufficient lights.

One way to add a bright spot to the basement is to use a color like orange, turquoise, or similar colors on focus walls. These walls can be the wall behind your entertainment system, or behind the bar, or behind the couch, etc. Add some light to emphasize the color and you have an instantly bright room.

Tile Up the Walls 

Basement walls can be hard to maintain and can become expensive over time. One way to get around this is cover the walls with wall tiles. Tiles are available in different colors and designs and can add texture and character to the room. These tiles are also very easy to maintain and you need to only clean them with moist cloth once in a while. You can use subway tiles, which are usually light in color and will brighten the room.

Expose the Brick 

If you have brick instead of concrete slab as your foundation wall, you might consider the idea of leaving the brick open and exposed. That adds a very urbane and chic look to the basement. If you have natural light, this room will shine. If not, you can easily add interest with different kinds and tones of lighting. Naturally, the insulation will have to be handled carefully in this case.

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