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Renovations should not be a trauma, but all too often that is what you hear. The problem is not usually the building work itself but a result of poor communication and project management. Because Maple Reno is a renovation contractor we have excellent processes and systems to manage communications and support the specialist builders and sub trades in the team.


Project Managers

Maple Reno is not a typical contractor. We are a 'design and build' renovation specialist. This means we work for you, managing the entire process right from the initial design concepts through to the final handover. We help you design a renovation that will deliver what you want, but will also fit within your budget. Then we bring in the tradespeople and contractors - and we deliver on time and to that budget. That is our commitment to you, and it takes all of the uncertainty out of the renovation process.

During the renovation process, our focus is on being extremely well organised. This saves a significant amount of time and money. The value of this approach cannot be underestimated. One of the main reasons renovations go over budget is because they're not managed carefully. Have you heard the saying about renovations: "take your quote and double (or triple) it"? This happens because of unclear expectations, a lack of communication, and poor co-ordination. Because we communicate well with our customers and project manage our renovations professionally, this doesn't happen with Maple Reno projects.

Our Story

Most contractors focus on specific aspects of home improvement: kitchen installation, plumbing, painting etc. and renovating is a part time activity for them. This matters because the processes and services required for renovations are quite specific. Once plans are signed off, building a new home is relatively predictable. Materials can be ordered well in advance and sub trades get easy access and well scheduled periods to work on site. Renovations are the complete opposite, so you need to be set up to do a good job and be cost effective. Renovations require all the sub trades that new build does, but you need to work much more closely with them. That's why we need a tight knit team of sub trades to help quote and then carry out the work. During the project we need to be very flexible to respond to unexpected issues that arise.

Home Renovations Toronto
Home Renovations Toronto
Home Renovations Toronto