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Full Home Renovations and custom home builds.
Get the best skill and experience from our renovation contractors. We are your one-stop design and renovation company.


Create your dream basement. Build a wine cellar, office space, game room or luxury apartment. Complete high-end basement renovations.



The kitchen is "hearth of the home", design your dream kitchen. Create the place for satisfying meal preparation, to enjoy with family and friends.


Build a comfortable modern home bathroom. Create a luxurious, functional bathroom with improved utility. Our bathroom renovations will improve your home.


Cabinets play a dual role: their utility is obvious, but they are also an important accent. Cabinetry renovation company, install them or create a custom set to fit your needs.

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With over 15 years in the industry, we developed operational procedures for Full Home Renovations projects.


At Maple Renovations our staff has the skill set required for a full-scale home renovations projects. 

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Why Is Basement Waterproofing Important In Winter?

In the world of basement renovations, the concept of basement waterproofing is something that is well worth taking seriously. When we think about waterproofing our basement, we tend to look to seasons like spring and summer. After all, these are generally the seasons in which we get the most amount of rain. However, there is…


Basement Renovations Are Easy With Maple Reno

Basement renovations are something many homeowners dream about. However, many balk at the potential of what is often a fairly ambitious project. Of course, that aspect depends on what you ultimately want to accomplish. Still, many dismiss the notion of renovating their basement. It often just comes down to a matter of money. At the…

High-End Basement Renovation

Your “High-End”-Looking Basement Renovation without the High-End Financial Dent

Knockoffs and discounts will be a smart maneuver Your home is a forever-evolving investment that you take seriously and upgrades or renovations are currently on your plate. Everyone wants to have designer finishes and luxurious items and objects to complement their basement renovation, but your basement should be the last place you spend the big…

Maple-Reno Basement

Throwing some Fun into Your Basement Remodelling

Who says basement remodeling have to be dull, boring and  dismal? Who says you can’t make your remodeling an enjoyment? Surely you want a basement that will look absolutely superb when you are finished with it! If it doesn’t look the least bit superb in your eyes, then you or someone else has done something wrong!…

Budgeting Tips for Basement Renovations

If you’re currently engaged in renovating your house’s basement, and you have a firm dream in your mind (and on a blueprint, hopefully), then you might be nervous about making your dream possible, yet still staying within your budget. This post is not here to tell you that your perfect idea of a basement is unrealistic…


How to Create a Rentable Space with Your Basement Renovation

Becoming a First-Time Basement Landlord You are not alone if you are designating your basement renovation to meet the requirements of a rentable space. Many homeowners see the benefits and the sweet monthly monetary returns, from taking this route with their un-used basement space. Your basement renovation (if you are smart, thrifty and hands-on) can…

Following Your Nose Prior To Your Basement Renovation

The Nose Knows…and Could Alter the Beginning of Your Renovation Your inspection of your basement prior to your renovation should also include…following your nose. Musty smells and mold spores usually are present in the depths of any basement, especially found in older homes that are more than five years old. As homes settle over time,…


Dealing with Foundation Problems and Your Basement Renovation

Your foundation may not be “supportive” in regards to your renovation You are already aware that the foundation of your home is what supports the complete structure of your home, so it would stand to reason that if your foundation is weak through damage or is not structurally sound, the rest of your home will…

Uneven Floors? This Will Affect Your Basement Renovation

The “Funhouse” Effect that Many Older Homes Possess Many older homes (and even some newer ones that were not properly built) can possess that “funhouse” effect that every contractor rolls their eyes at. This effect is basically when your home is sloping and it is caused by your foundation and working its way up. An…


Your Basement Renovation Needs to Begin With a Thorough Investigation

If Your Basement is Currently in the “Raw” State If you are facing the daunting task of trying to work out & plan a basement renovation, but your basement is in a “raw” state, then you definitely have your work cut out for you and you need to kick the whole process off with a…

Home Renovations Toronto
Home Renovations Toronto
Home Renovations Toronto